Warsaw's most
future-thinking building.

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The HUB Human Urban Business

A space designed to serve those who occupy it, The Warsaw HUB has all the ease of connectivity, conveniences and amenities to meet the demands of modern life.

Located in the heart of Warsaw's budding business district, The Warsaw HUB embodies urban functionality and convenience

Bringing together startups and corporate bodies, The Warsaw HUB caters to business people of all kinds, fostering a unique, innovative environment


The Warsaw HUB will comprise 75,000 square metres of office space. The floorplates have been extensively tested to meet the contemporary requirements of diverse types of tenants. The uncompromised open space allows for variety of office fit outs with a flexible breakdown of floorplates.


The innovative co-working space will provide over 1500 square meters to host hot-deskers and the myriad of freelance that occupy the industries of the future.

The HUB Amenities

The HUB Amenities

  • Conference centre
  • Convenience centre
  • Hotels
  • Gastronomy
  • Fitness centre
  • Facilities for bikers


Location map

Map legend

  • Street Street
  • Main street Main street
  • Metro line Metro line
  • Tramway Tramway
  • Metro station Metro station
  • Bus station Bus station
  • Tram Station Tram Station
  • Central railway station Central railway station
  • SKM station SKM station
  • WKD station WKD station
  • Veturilo Veturilo

Transportation HUB

The complex is emerging next to Rondo Daszyńskiego, at one of the city's main communication hubs and is well connected to the key points in the city. It provides a comfortable access to the building via public means of transport as well as by a car. It is one of the most dynamically developing areas in the capital, featuring modern office as well as prestigious residential buildings.

Direct connection to the metro

The Warsaw HUB has a direct access to the Warsaw second metro line.


Hi-Tech Building

The Warsaw HUB is one of the most technologically advanced buildings in Poland. To facilitate smooth-running business environment, the building incorporates a range of sophisticated technologies.

The Warsaw HUB is also equipped with innovative technology solutions which will enable them to immediately switch to the pandemic mode.

The building’s integrated management systems and sophisticated mobile solutions for tenants and users are controlled by an AI-based system powered by the Google Cloud Platform.

The HUB Magazine


At a height of 130 m above ground, on a large-format board surrounding The Warsaw HUB, an abstracts work by a renowned artist Łukasz Stokowski was hanged. The installation was created as the Sky Art Gallery as part of a new cultural initiative of Ghelamco Poland – HUB Gallery. Along the progressing construction, the painting wandered upwards, becoming visible from long distances and from different sides of the city. This is the first such project in Europe.

Ghelamco Poland

Ghelamco Poland is the leader of the commercial property market in Poland and a pioneer in innovations, public space design, smart buildings and sustainable construction. Since 1991, the company has built its leading position as an investor, developer and general contractor by delivering over 1,200,000 sqm best-in-class office, residential, commercial and warehouse space.

The company’s flagship investment is Warsaw Spire with Plac Europejski (European Square), awarded w title of the best office building in the world in a prestigious competition MIPIM Awards 2017.

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